A capsule collection created by American sports brand Champion and A BATHING APE® will launch on even October 29th, 2016. The collection includes a wide range of items such as coach jackets, hoodies, sweat pants, and tees.

This collection will only be sold in store!

BAPE® x Champion Coach Jacket: $385
BAPE® x Champion Pullover Hoodie: $301
BAPE® x Champion Crewneck: $258
BAPE® x Champion Zip Hoodie: $356
 BAPE® x Champion 1st Camo Zip Hoodie: $356
BAPE® x Champion 1st Camo Crewneck: $287
BAPE® x Champion 1st Camo Pullover Hoodie: $330
BAPE® x Champion 1st Camo Tee: $158
BAPE® x Champion 1st Camo Sweat Pants: $287 

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