A BATHING APE® has teamed up with New York artist/painter Adam Lister of the Adam Lister Gallery for the BAPE® x Adam Lister tee collection. This collaboration will feature Adam Lister style pixelated paintings inspired by BAPE® iconic artworks and will launch on October, 8th 2016 at select BAPE STORE® locations around the globe. 

Adam Lister comment: "My paintings are pixelated deconstructions of subjects that hold a collective familiarity. Similar to geometric hallucinations, my ideas are broken down and reassembled to present an alternate perception of an image. These pictures exist at the intersection of cubism and 8-bit video games. Each painting treads a fine line between abstraction and representation. My work is heavily influenced by mathematics, minimalism, and pop culture. For this collaboration with BAPE®, I'm honored to have created 4 original handmade works inspired by iconic BAPE® designs. A new collection of paintings from my "RAP ICONS" portrait series will be on display to accompany the release of this project at the launch party."

BAPE® x ADAM LISTER canvas' available for preorder at BAPE® NY. Preorder period is from 10/8 - 10/24. Canvas is priced at $201. Size is 8.7" x 8.7". 

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